Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Poor Bulbs

They were starting to do their thing still in the packaging.

I bought them ages ago, when bulbs are available in the southern hemisphere via mail order. Whilst I didn't forget about them I ended up sooo busy with costume cutting/making/trimming that I didn't get around to putting them into dirt until today.  Lucky for me they have only just started to sprout.  I hope they like their new home.  I would show you a pic, but a pot filled with potting mix is a bit boring.  I still have a couple more packs to pot up, but I want to get one or two more troughs for these.

The seedlings I got in spring, well the puppy found them and up rooted most of them.  I ended up with one lonely lettuce that struggled to survive.

The fence I put around what was to be the new back yard vege patch was a success.  That is until the puppy got big and figured out how to jump over it.  I had put the grow boxes in the fenced of area.  He had great fun digging into them.  Has broken one box completely.  Dug down enough to remove the agg pipe and the mesh covering it.  This dog is a bit of a digger!